1. Develop systems that lead to consistency.  As a real estate professional, you are an independent contractor.  Believe in yourself as your own company (You, Inc.) and track your performance over the years.
  2. Maintain regular business hours.  Structure will help you achieve maximum productivity.
  3. Specialize!  Find a group of people that you enjoy working with and for, learn all you can about them, and customize your services to fit their needs.
  4. Prospect every day.  Create clever, unique mailings.  Buy a bunch of old record albums from a garage sale and break the albums into little pieces.  Then send each customer a piece of record album with a letter that says “I’m breaking records all over town!  Call me for details.”  Or write an “Annual State of You” letter to send out at the end of the year.  Include information about how your real estate career has been going, as well as exciting news about your personal life.  It is not the quantity of the mailed pieces that matters as much as the quality of your promotion!
  5. Show enthusiasm!  Be excited about your career.  Read success stories to keep you motivated.  Remember your wins in the real estate industry - never dwell on the losses.
  6. Make time during the year to do what you enjoy doing most.  Take time off to help keep things in perspective.
  7. Invest in yourself.  10 to 15% of what you earn should be reinvested in you.  For example, invest the money in quality business cards, a personal brochure and personal stationary and envelopes.
  8. Adopt a zero-tolerance for mistakes.  Have pride in anything and everything that you send out with your name on it.  A letter with misspellings will leave a lasting impression, but it won’t be a good one.
  9. Remember that you are in the customer service business, not real estate.  Do what is best for the client and you will always be doing what is best for yourself.  If a client calls with a problem, remember that the client’s problem is your problem.  Become part of the solution by listening and working with the client to make sure all parties are satisfied.  Be assured that one unhappy customer will tell ten other people.
  10. Love what you do, do what you love!  If you don’t love real estate, you might be a good salesperson, but you’ll never be a great one!

Insanity is doing the same thing day after day and

expecting different results.


- As seen by their customers -

  1. Organized manner in which business is conducted.
  2. Sincere interest in their customer.
  3. Strong knowledge of customer’s needs.
  4. Does not talk negatively about competitors.
  5. Possesses a business attitude.
  6. Keeps promises and commitments.
  7. Good listener.
  8. Creative and a problem-solver.
  9. Proactive, but not overly aggressive.
  10. Product knowledge is easily apparent.


It’s six times more expensive to find a new customer than maintaining

relationships with past customers and clients