Selling Real Estate in Central Wisconsin

Most people need to sell their current home before purchasing a new one. Real estate sales are as complex as real estate purchases, and they require the same measure of expertise.

Here are a few tips for comfortably navigating real estate sales:

Stage it well

Even if a home's only damage is minor holes and scrapes on the walls, people might shy away from buying it. Many buyers tend to gravitate to “turn key” homes that do not require much work. Also, two homes worth exactly the same amount could sell for vastly different prices based upon how they are staged. Clean the home thoroughly before showing it, and repair any superficial damages. Consult a Home-Stager for simple ways to immaculately present your home, or call one of our Realtors at Coldwell Banker Siewert Realtors. 

Do not overprice it

Many people list their home at a high price with the plan of lowering it in negotiations. Sometimes this works, but more often the homeowners have to lower the listing price in order to get buyers interested. Once the price begins to drop, potential buyers will offer outrageously low prices in an attempt to get it for less than its market value. Sometimes this causes the homeowner to sell for less than the target price.

Let a bidding war begin

Start the home at a low price to interest multiple buyers, and those buyers will then attempt to outbid one another. The resulting bidding war will bring the final sale price above the home's market value.

Consider the neighborhood

Compare your home to similar homes nearby. Competitively price your home to accurately reflect the quality of your neighborhood. If your home is close to several high-quality schools and a block from a popular country club, the price should reflect that fact.

De-personalize your home

Don't have family photos hanging on every wall, and make the decorations less specific to you. Potential buyers want to imagine themselves in your home, and facing your personal items makes it hard for them to do so. If you can afford it, consider moving a portion of your belongings into storage, to better showcase the space in your home

For more information about selling real estate in Central Wisconsin or to seek sales advice from a Wisconsin Rapids realtor, contact Coldwell Banker Siewert Realtors today.