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Vesper is one of many villages in Wood County, Wisconsin — and Coldwell Banker Siewert Realtors is proud to connect you to its best properties. Vesper has several unique elements that make it the ideal place to visit, move your family, or purchase property.

Vesper Wisconsin, For the Birds

Vesper is named for the Vesper Sparrows native to the area. The Vesper Sparrow is a large, grayish-brown sparrow with a streaked chest and back, white outer tail feathers, and white eye rings. These birds have high, melodious voices and often sing during twilight, which also happens to be when vespers (evening prayer services) are traditionally held in some religious denominations.

Baby Vesper Sparrows not only learn their songs from adults, but can also mimic other birdsong depending on adult patterns. For example, one documented vesper has a song similar to the Bewick’s Wren.

If you decide to buy a home in Vesper, you may eventually look for Vesper Sparrows or their nests, which are small, shallow cups of woven grasses made on the ground. There are usually two to six eggs in a Vesper nest. If you can’t find a nest, look for scratches; Vesper Sparrows scratch the ground in search of food or nesting materials.

Vesper Wisconsin Human History

Of course, you don’t have to be a bird to live in and enjoy the town. Vesper’s first settler, Sam Boynton, came to the area in 1874. Five years later, Vesper’s first school was built and the town began to thrive, even though newspapers didn’t reference Vesper until 1883.

Vesper needed to be rebuilt in 1894, thanks to a fire that burned its bustling sawmill. The fire also burned 23 homes and the timber along the west side of Hemlock Creek, which was a hard hit for the local lumber industry. Wood remains a top industry in and around Vesper, thanks to companies like the Vesper Pallet Company. As in many other Wisconsin cities and towns, the cranberry industry is another big employer. Vesper, Wisconsin, had a population of only 584 as of 2010; right now, only about 4% of those people are unemployed.

Vesper Wisconsin Education

Vesper Elementary School is the only school directly in town. It serves elementary students with a small but dedicated full- and part-time staff. After graduating from Vesper Elementary School, students move on to West Junior High and Lincoln High School. The close-knit community allows students and educators to stay in touch with one another. Vesper School is the hub for youth sports and many clubs and organizations for students of all ages.

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